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Snuba allows you to explore a three-dimensional world you cannot experience while snorkelling.  Swim side by side with turtles and fish along the brightly coloured coral reef. Breathe through a simple to use regulator while your air supply floats on a comforting support raft at the surface.  


Enjoy SNUBA at any depth - 2 feet, 10 feet or 20 feet. SNUBA is experienced at your own level of comfort and your SNUBA guide will be with you throughout your entire tour

We ONLY offer private tours, its only you, your partner/family/party on our PRIVATE SNUBA TOURS. So you get to set the pace, SNUBA at your own level with our highly trained instructor.

SNUBA is as simple as 1-2-3!
Participate in a 15 minute safety briefing and learn all about using the SNUBA equipment and what to expect during your guided experience.
Get geared up for your SNUBA experience with your mask, fins and weight belt.
Swim, breathe and explore our amazing underwater world at your comfort level guided by a highly skilled and trained SNUBA professional.



Snuba is an amazing  underwater adventure which is perfect for couples, families, children and seniors.  Learning to SNUBA is easy and does not require any Scuba diving certification or previous experience; if you can breathe, look and kick your legs then you too can SNUBA.  It is also a terrific

way for certified divers to introduce non-certified partners and family members to the beauty of our underwater world, many of whom then go on to become certified divers.


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