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Important Safety Information


Guests are required to complete and sign a brief Participant Health Record and Liability Release form.

SNUBA is not available to persons with certain pre-existing respiratory or heart conditions. Blood pressure, heart or respiratory conditions, seizures, recent surgery and pregnancy are examples of health concerns which must be cleared by your physician prior to participation in your SNUBA experience. Please feel free to enquire with your SNUBA Instructor for further clarification.



Click the icon to view the SNUBA

medical & liability release form.



Nothing is more important to us than your safety!

Our Rights

Your SNUBA Instructor reserves the right to determine whether or not you may participate
in the SNUBA dive based on:
  1.  Your medical history.
  2.  Your comprehension and level of comfort in the water.​
  3. Weather/water conditions

Minimum Age

Swimming Requirements

To participate in SNUBA, you must be:

  • 8 years of age or older

  • have basic swimming skills

  • be comfortable in and around water and the ocean

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