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The SNUBA raft is made from the highest quality inflatable fabric and is shaped for easy towing.  The SNUBA Rafts hold air cylinders and can accommodate a maximum of 4 divers.  


The SNUBA Raft has a low center of gravity and good stability which makes it easy to tow.  At the bow the Raft flies an internationally recognized "diver down" flag to alert individuals at the surface that there are divers below. The SNUBA raft is never more than 20 feet away from a SNUBA guest and can be held onto for support while guests are at the surface.

SNUBA Equipment

The SNUBA Raft
Air Delivery

One of the greatest features of SNUBA is that guests do NOT have a tank strapped to their back.


SNUBA guests breathe though a standard regulator system and mouthpiece. Air is delivered through a positively buoyant (floating) 20 foot air line that is connected to the compressed air tanks in the SNUBA raft on the surface.

The air line allows guests to dive to whatever depth they feel most comfortable, up to a maximum depth of 20 feet.  You can "power snorkle" at the surface or go down to 2 feet, 5 feet, 10 feet or to the max at 20 feet.


Guests are also trained how to use the air line for a "hand-over-hand" controlled ascent and decent as well as using it to maintain their vertical control over fragile coral.

Harness, Mask, Fins and Belt

SNUBA Participants wear a lightweight,  highly adjustable, quick release harness from which the air line is attached.  The harness tow point is located between the shoulder blades to provide easy towing of the SNUBA raft. Each participant is fitted with Mask and fins, the same used for snorkeling, and also a weight belt comfortably adjusted around the waist.  


Your SNUBA Instructor will determine the proper amount of weight  each guest requires to make them neutrally buoyant in the water.  Participants can choose not to wear the weight belt if he or she prefers to hold onto the raft and  "power Snorkle"  at the surface.

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