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North Sound, Virgin Gorda

British Virgin Islands. VG1150 

Cell / Whats App :  +  1  284  341  0660 

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If you require a fast reply then please feel free to contact us by phone, whats app is best. Sometimes when we are busy entertaining guests, or of course underwater we might not hear the phone ring.  If you can’t get a hold of one of us at BVI SNUBA right away, please default back to the contact form above, or try Whatsapp.

  • WhatsApp call or chat


There are a variety of other ways to contact us. You might want to try WhatsApp if you have a data plan or wifi connection with your phone. It is free and the phone number listed is also connected this way.   It can, again, happen that we are under water and can’t answer you right away.  Please type us a chat message on Whatsapp for us to get back to you and we will get back to you with a convenience time in which to call you back, otherwise please default back to the contact form above.

We generally get back to you immediately or as fast as we can.

Cancellation Policy


Our cancellation policy is strictly enforced, as spaces for this activity are limited. 

We regret there is absolutely no exceptions to our cancellation policy.

                         Cancellation/reservation changes for ANY REASON may harm our business,

                            therefore if you need to change the number in your party or cancel for our

                                      daily trips you must do so 72 hours prior to your reservation. 

                            Private Charters (which reserve us for the full day) are especially hard to

                                fill due to last minute cancellations or reservation changes therefore, 

             private charter arrangements are non-refundable if cancelled with 7 days of the excursion date.

If your ship does not come in, there is no charge, as long as you advise us.

      Signed and completed Medical and Liability paperwork, booking information, fin sizes and current

              weight MUST be provided to BVI SNUBA no later than 24 hours in advance.  BVI SNUBA cannot                   guarantee a guests participation if the paperwork has not been completed in advance.  Any

                      booked guest for whom full paperwork is not provided in advance will be charged at the

full rates, even if they are deemed unfit to particpate.

In the event of a Small Craft Warning/Advisory posted by the Weather Office, 

for safety reasons, we have the right to cancel your trip and re-book your reservation

for the next mutually available day at no additional charge.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.



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